Barret Wallace Final Fantasy 7 Play Arts Kai

Barret Wallace, the hot blooded former leader of the freedom fighter organization Avalanche, who aids Cloud and Tifa in their battles, makes a welcome appearance as the latest figure in the Play Arts KAI range in his outfit from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This really is a piece to excite fans of the series and the sculptor has taken utmost care in rendering Barret´s tough and imposing physique and manly facial expression. The figure has been carefully coloured to bring out a realistic texture on the clothing and equipment and all the fine details, such as the piercings, rings, necklace and other accessories and tattoos have been faithfully recreated to bring out this character´s strong personality. The right arm can be swapped between interchangeable bionic hand and gatling gun forms to enjoy a plethora of different scenes from the film.

Product Dimensions: W113mm x D63mm x H284mm (approx)
Weight: 470g (approx)


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