Final Fantasy Odin & Sleipnir Set Square Enix

He cleaves advancing enemies in twain with a single thundering blow from his blade, Zantetsuken, the namesake of his signature attack. He is ODIN, one of the most popular summons in the FINAL FANTASY series, now recreated as a Creatures Bring Arts figure under the careful artistic direction of legendary sculptor Takayuki Takeya!

ODIN can be posed riding horseback on his trusted steed SLEIPNIR, the six-legged stallion. Attention has been paid to various aspects of the figure’s construction to allow the collector to enjoy a wide range of poses. From the ball jointing utilized in the articulation of the figure to the three-piece construction of ODIN’s cape which allows for a wide range of unhindered motion, among others.

Product Features
Odin: W204mm × D82mm × H243mm (approx)?Weight: 460 g (approx)
Sleipnir: W354mm × D87mm × H286mm (approx) Weight: 1380 g (approx)


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