X Men Emma Frost ArtFX+ Statue

One of the most popular mutants ever, Emma is a powerful telepath who can also transform into a diamond form.

Frost has had a 35 year history with the X-Men, starting out as their enemy and ending up one of their most passionate leaders.

Emma wears a very distinctive (and revealing) costume consisting of thigh high boots, gloves, a one piece bodysuit with an extreme cut out, a wide belt, and a long flowing cape with attached sleeves, collar, and armored shoulder pads! The dark black and metallic gray of her outfit contrast amazingly with her pale skin tone, blonde hair, and the bright color accents of the red “X” designs on her shoulders, blue eyes, and smoldering red lips..

Product Features
Material: PVC / ABS
Scale: 1/10
Size: 195mm (H)


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